Fresh English Peas: Don’t Run, They Are Great!

I came home on Thursday with a small treasure, fresh peas still on the shell. My excitement could hardly be contained and I had to tell my boy about my findings. “Peas! Why?” was his answer. I come from the land of fresh peas; where they appear in quick salads, stews, soups and Arroz con Pollo. He comes from the land of frozen and canned peas, where the mushy texture and watery flavor scarred him for life. My job is to tame his fears, to walk with him, holding his hand, to the land where peas are a joy, not a recurring nightmare. shelling peasThe best way to begin our journey was to have him shelled the offending subject (AKA the peas). He worked tireless through a pound of green pods and got about a cup. At least by then he knew they didn’t bite. Continue reading Fresh English Peas: Don’t Run, They Are Great!